More than a standard holiday?

I hope you are keepeing well.

I wanted to share with you DLI Travel’s new focus groups. What do I mean? Basically we are focusing on people who want to have authentic travel experiences; who want to have a mix of a bit of adventure, a bit of wildlife, palacial stay, intensive cultural experiences and culinary experiences – everything put together. And yes – it is possible. We are focusing on people, who want to do a lot and see a lot, but in a n authentic way and want to have more than a standard holiday.

Basically for the last couples of years I reformated (just like we reformat our computers : ) DLI Travel and moved the focus to people who crave for authentic travel exeperiences as I explained above.

I had been pretty busy with different tours in Europe and now also in India. Just wanted to share some of these photos and our new concept and new focus groups. And with God’s grace we are getting a lot of responses and our goal is to be featured on travel magazines because we are creating nowadays travel experiences as if you are really inside a travel documentary. It doesn’t mean it is extreme and hardcore traveling – it is just a mix of these beautiful experiences put together (as I mentioned above).

Thank you so much for your support for through out all these years and because of you we (DLI Travel) have grown into what we are today and we would be always grateful to you. But I just wanted to clarify specially this intensive travel experiences are for Asia destinations, but for European destination you will also get a god taste of these authentic travel experiences as well.

We would be so thankful to you and would show our gratitiud by giving you our travel vouchers, gift cards of Marks & Spencers if you pass our details to the right travelers, to the right people who value authentic travel experiences.

Hope to see you soon in the near future.
Kind Regards!
Shubho and the rest of DLI Travel Team

Our amazing Polish group (and me) in India… : )

Is the king in…? : )

Majestic Rajasthan palaces… I love to stay there! : )

Amazing forts and palaces – that is what Rajasthan charms you with…

In the hotel’s (Alsisar Mahal) dining hall…

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