Indian Holidays – Durga Puja

As you might know, India has many incredible festivals. But did you know there is a festival, which one state of India is trying to get even the UNESCO recognition and even the British National Museum invited this community in London and hosted the whole festival for four days? It is called Durga Puja, which is most popular in the eastern part of India (mostly Kolkata).

Basically it is very similar to Christmas in the western world, which is joyful time for family, time to exchange presents with all family members… Everyone from all different parts of the world tries to come and spend time with their families… It is very similar concept, but, of course, it is a Hindu festival. Nowadays, apart from the spiritual part, it is more about the joyfulness, excitement, crazyness, amazing food, lightings, fireworks – it is just a festival full of joyfulness.

I come from Kolkata and also my parents still have their parental village home, where every year this festival is hosted for the whole four days (actually, it is officially 10 days and the whole concept is a victory of Good over Evil). In my village we are going every single year from childhood and time to time still try to go, but it is an amazing unique experience for non-Indians. This is something incredible, crazy (in a good way), but also very beautiful.

And also I would like to invite you to come and visit my village (you can see my own photos), where you can not only experience the whole Durga Puja, but also eperience a real village life, the beauty of the countryside, the lush green paddy fields… everything! : ) But also I recommend one or two days in Kolkata as well, where the whole city literally converts into a piece of art and craft! Amount of work they are putting to build those temple-like structures (called pandals), which can go as high as eight or nine stories and it takes immense work to make each of the look different, unique and a masterpiece of art!

I really invite you to come with me next year 2017 in September/October. You can also experience the whole Durga Puja in Kolkata and also in my village for about four days and also combine it with a 6-days of Golden Triangle, which is Taj Mahal, Jaipur, places of palaces, forts, and Delhi (North India), which is a totally different culture than what you will see in the Eastern India’s formal capital, Kolkata.

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Warmest Regards!
Shubho & DLI Travel Team

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