Bali – Still Paradise or Overrated?

Hi guys. In this article, I’m going to give you my insight about Bali. Has Bali lost its charm? Is Bali still a paradise island? Or, has Bali become too over commercialized. Basically, a few days back here in Lozan, a met some friends who want to go to Bali, they always wanted to, but now they have heard a lot of opinions that Bali is not the same. It has lost its charm and it is really over commercialized. Okay, so here is my opinion. Yes, it is in only specific parts of Bali known as Kuta, LeGa and these areas, and where there is high rise building, cheap alcohol. It’s just really congested, it’s not real Bali. So, in this article I am going to give you some points which are must see and also show you, is it really worth Bali or not.

Number 1 – Temples

There is a plethora of unique and amazing temples. Temples in the ocean, temples inside the jungle. To see the rituals also in the temples are amazing. Also, talking about rituals, that’s point 2.

Number 2 – Rituals

Bali is the place of spiritual capital. For example, ancient Hinduism. You see rituals on the streets anywhere you go, not only just in the temples, but you walk on the beach and you see a big procession going on, on the beach. We were, for example, passing by a crossing, a road crossing and believe it or not, in the middle of the crossing people starting praying. And, in these beautiful white gowns with the music, the Gamelan music, it’s amazing, it’s so unique.

Number 3 – Hot Climate

Hot climate, hot weather. It’s all year around hot weather. Yes, there is a few months with a bit of rain, but it rains for a while and then it stops and it’s absolutely worth visiting any time of the year.

Number 4 – Amazing Beaches

Okay, beaches. Once again, there are a lot of opinions that Bali beaches are very dirty. Yes, it is and it is not the fault of Bali only, it is from the other islands, from Sumatra and Java, all the waves and the currents are bringing the garbage and dumping into the Bali beaches and that’s why it is dirty, one side. But there are pristine beaches. You need to know where to go. That’s in my next video, I’m going to show you all these hidden gems as well. But yes, incredible beaches still possible, especially south, north and east.

Number 5 – Incredible Sunsets

Every single day, it’s unbelievable. The whole coast how many places from where you can have incredible – one of the most famous and the tourist-y one is Tala Lot Sunset Temple, which is the temple in the water, on the ocean. But, it’s an incredible sunset. But there are plenty of other places as well, along the coast where you can go hire a bike, hire a car and have some beautiful, romantic or just mesmerizing sunsets.

Number 6 – Infinity Pools

Bali is loaded with infinity pools. One of the best ones in the whole world, I think, according to me for sure and a lot of other bloggers, not only just me. Infinity pools not only have the view of the whole ocean, but also, I have been, I remember it’s called the Twin Garden Resort with two swimming pools overlooking the forest. Now, this was in 2008 when I was in Bali, for one of the first times, but now there are so many other ones. Which, again, I’m going to give you some tips in the next video.

Bonus – Incredible Food

Bali has from street food to award winning restaurants. You get everything, really. And the food itself, Balinese cuisine is absolutely amazing. The spices, the freshness of the food. I just can’t get over it.

Number 7 – Cheap Prices

Especially for accommodations. You can get a Villa for 60 – $70 for example. Okay, I know I have villas for my clients for $400 also. But, you can get for $60, $70, $100 villas with your own swimming pool, view of the rice paddy fields, it’s incredible really. It is a must place if you want to have an amazing, unique stay.

Number 8 – Nature

What can I say? From waterfalls to white water river rafting to jungle trekking the opportunities are endless. You can explore yourself or you can go with a guide as well. But, plenty of opportunities.

I want to keep this article short because the next one will be a bit longer because I am going to show you, with my own photos, and some of the other Instagramers and Bloggers who I am following and I am a big fan of them, their photos. Showing you real people’s photos and videos and show you Bali is an incredible place to visit. Bali hasn’t lost its charm yet. You must travel to Bali before it gets really over commercialized all over. It is over commercialized, as I said, in one specific area, but not everywhere, and you need to know your ways.

Yes, there are a lot of scams as well, there are a lot of different kinds of things. You can watch blogs and read articles as well. But, I’m giving you my insight on how to have a incredible, unique, authentic experience, which is my specialty and how to create a wow factor in my next video.

I hope this was helpful guys. Until the next time, see you soon. If you would like, please subscribe to our newsletter and visit I’m the co-founder of this company, but I will be giving lots of tips and you will you have it in your inbox. Until then, bye-bye.

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