21 Photos to make you fall in love with Kerala – Part 1

See Kerala through my eyes.

Authentic Kerala.

Did you Kerala is also known as the “Venice of the East”? It is because of its interconnected lakes, lagoons, canals, channels, rice paddy fields which create an unparallel beauty. Once you have visited the classic sites of India especially The Golden triangle, Kerala is a must visit as the second timer to India. It is also known for its rich dance and temple culture. Also simultaneously Christianity arrived almost 2ooo years ago and its beautiful colonial churches exist along with ancient Hindu temples.

I personally love Kerala because of the endless opportunities it provides for off the beaten track, authentic travel experiences. You are bound to fall in love with Kerala if you like authentic local dishes, lush greenery, a network of narrow canals, lush green tea plantation in the mountains, spice plantations, ayurvedic massage, beautiful beaches, smiling people, visiting villages and some wildlife. Trust me the list continues.

In this post let me show you the beauty of Kerala with my own photos.

These are the iconic Chinese Fishing Nets of Kochi.

My Travel Tip: Go there at the sunset time and go on a boat trip.  It is mesmerizing.  You will have photos as on Travel Magazines, I promise.

A beautiful colonial Basilica with our Authentic Travel Lovers Group from UK.

What you are looking at is just the entrance, the whole place is full of antic collections.   This is an amazing restaurant and one of my favorite places to sit and enjoy authentic dishes before the Kochi waterfront.

Another Colonial church but a special one as this one has the grave of Vasco Da Gama.   Did you know Vasco DaGama landed in Kerala while finding the new sea route to India?

This is where I always encourage my “Authentic Travellers ” to try how to fish using 400 years old Chinese fishing technic by joining the fishermen.

This is during a Hindu temple ceremony, where elephants play a very important role.

One of the local village churches.

Lush green backwater but you can also experience a forest partially submerged in water.

Some parts are full of mangrove forest.

If you go for an elephant ride like in the olden days, please feed them with fruits and vegetables as a reward.

Make sure to go one a hand paddles boat to have a true experience of this tropical paradise.

This is a Jain Temple and very beautiful indeed. But you need to have a positive attitute to have tons fun and live in that moment.

Instead of streets, they have these canals.

Just relax and see the water lifestyle of the locals.

Beautiful fishing village, close to Kovalam.