12 Photos & Videos to make you fall in love with Kerala

As you may have seen in my previous post, Kerala is a tropical paradise where you can find lush green paddy fields, dense forests, picturesque backwaters which are interconnected lakes, canals, rivers, it’s a place to unwind, relax and feel the tranquillity and rural lifestyle.  It’s also dotted with ancient Hindu temples, colonial churches, spice plantation, mystic mountains and even vast tea plantations.

But It is such a contrast in comparison with the North Classic India which is very crowded, crazy, sometimes bizarre and noisy.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the northern India but some people get a bit overwhelmed.

This state of India located at the southern part offers everything nature, culture, relaxation, gastronomy, I mean everything.  It is a tropical paradise which should be on your must-visit places.

There are quite a few places in across Kerala where you can give a bath to an elephant.  It’s a truly a unique experience.  You can see that I had a great time washing this little giant and later he gave me a shower in return.

Cooking is an art in this part of the world.  Because of the abundance of lakes, rivers, sea, there is such a variety of fishes and Kerala Fish curries are to die for.

Needless to say, this temple in Trivandrum / Tiruvanthapuram is truly magnificent and ancient.  Recently over 7 Billion Dollars of treasure has been discovered.  

Unfortunately, non-Hindus are not allowed inside but it is well worth admiring it from outside.

This is Athurapally Water Falls which is also known as the Niagra Falls of India.  In the rainy season it truly takes the form of a gigantic enormous waterfall but even in the dry season, it is well worth visiting.

This is known as the spice capital of India and visiting spice markets are a must.   When you are driving from one town to another in some regions, you will see people are drying different spices especially black pepper just on the roadside.   If you like cooking buying species from here is definitely a good idea.

There is a long coastline and hence there are many yellow sand beaches but even there are some white sand pristine beaches which are a hidden gem.

These two videos (from Kerala Tourism)  it really shows the true colors of the tropical paradise and explains to if this is something which should be on your wish list.  If you like Authentic travel experiences, if you want the real deal, a bit of off the beaten track experiences this is a must for you.

Please watch the videos and you will see yourself 🙂

Is there a limit being an idiot? Yes, these guys almost got killed by the elephant… just watch.

Soon I will be sharing my own videos from Kerala, till then keep being an #AmazingAuthenticTraveller